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The holidays are just around the corner, which means new opportunities for memory-making with family and friends. We all love the warm, fuzzy feeling we get from giving a great gift, but let’s face it: finding the perfect present for everyone on your list isn’t always easy.

At RaiseRight, you can simplify gift-giving and take the stress out of the holiday season. This year, shop gift cards from 750+ brands to find just-right gifts for just about anyone, all while fundraising for our CTK Schools community and making your dollars go further. It’s a perfect way to save time on shopping, stick to your budget, and give the gift that gives back.

Ready to dive in? Explore this year’s Holiday Gift Guide (Raise Right Holiday Gift Card Guide) for gifting ideas and inspiration, plus details on upcoming promotions.

Don’t have a Raise Right account yet? That’s OK!  Check out this post for instructions on setting up your account: Raise Right Set Up Instructions

We also have United/Market Street/Amigo’s gift cards on hand at the school office.  You get the full value of any gift cards purchased, but the school gets to keep 10% of the card’s value!