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Home & School Association

The purpose of the Home and School Association is assist and promote the success of our school and your students. This page lists goals in pursuit of supporting our school and all CTK families.

School Excellence

  • Support the development of Christ the King Schools
  • Support school-sponsored activities of all students
  • Support in all learning areas of CTK education


  • Promote fundraising events to provide support for the mission of CTK Schools and school sponsored activities
  • Boost parent support in all areas of fundraising
  • Raise parent awareness of Home & School’s support for CTK Schools.
  • Have FUN with all our efforts and adventures!

Parent Pride

  • Encourage parent support in Home & School activities
  • Help parents feel connected to CTK Schools through discussion, social events, and membership meetings
  • Focus on volunteer (service) hours and guide, report, and recognize parents
  • Seek ways to boost parent interaction

Teacher Support

  • Promote Teacher Appreciation events 
  • Provide monetary aid for teaching supplies
  • Promote underwriting for teacher and student actions that improve school and student leadership development
  • Inspire as many Teacher/Student/Parent suggestions as possible
  • Support ways to increase our teacher interaction in NCEA

Service Hours

As a boost for our community, our school requires parents to volunteer their time and talent. This is a chance for everyone to not only help others, but also an opportunity to connect with others in our school community. Volunteer hours are logged through each family’s FACTS Family Portal to keep track of their donation of time. Not only is this practice a chance to connect with others in our school community, it also sets an example for our young students to volunteer. Students learn about their community and interact in new ways that create memories.

20 hours of service per family (10 hours for single parent households) is required for each school year. Volunteer opportunities are made available on the school website, the First Friday Flash newsletter and other communications throughout the school year. At least half of a family’s required hours should be volunteering at activities (versus donated goods or monetary donations). The FACTS Family Portal will be used to report your hours under the Parent Service Hours section. Fees could be charged at the end of the school year for incomplete hours of volunteer work.

We would like to thank our families for helping our Lubbock private school give back. It not only strengthens our bond with our community and faith but also helps to show love and compassion

How to submit your volunteer hours

Log into your FACTS Family Portal account. Click on the Family Information tab on the left side of the screen. At this point, choose “Family Profile” from the drop-down options. Click on the name of the parent who performed the volunteer hours towards the middle of the screen. Click on the “Service Hours” tab to the right of the names’ section, then click on the “Add Service Hours” tab. You will then fill out a form for hours completed. Lastly, click save to complete the process. You may leave the “Verified By” section blank.

Officers 2022-2023

Christ the King Diocesan Schools strive to keep our families informed. The 2023-2024 school year’s officers and committee chairs’ names along with positions are listed below. This information is provided so that school families can get in touch with appropriate people to help them navigate special activities and events throughout the school year for all grades Pre-K through High School!


Eileen Sprys

Recording & Corresponding Secretary



Trent Paul


Natasha Billeaudeau

Teacher Appreciation

Casey Carrothers

Welcoming Committee

Sarah Boynton

Elementary Parent Coordinator

Kayla Castillo

Jr. High/High School Room Parent Coordinator

Lael James

Fall Festival Chair

Andrea Albus

Hot Dog Booth (South Plains Fair) Chair

Laura Zupancic

Angel Workshop Chair

Yvonne Salazar

Home & School Association Bylaws